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Thrillingly clean: HERMES®

Facade cleaning for a radiantly beautiful home

We, HERMES® the façade cleaning company based in Kirchhundem-Brachthausen in the heart of South Westphalia, are your experts when it comes to cleaning technology for façades. We are known as a manufacturer of high-quality cleaning technology and effective cleaning agents and have launched our own HERMES® system onto the market. This allows building cleaners, real estate agents, plasterers or painters to establish an additional business segment and thus offer their customers façade cleaning as a low-cost alternative to repainting.

These partners benefit from our many years of experience in commercial façade cleaning. Our company has been active in this sector since 1980 and has been focused on the marketing and further development of the HERMES® system since June 2018. If you are also interested in this business segment of façade cleaning, please contact us directly. We look forward to hearing from you.

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